Veterinary Technician/Assistant

You are a highly motivated individual who thrives on working with a close-knit team to provide quality, compassionate care for patients and clients both. You bring a positive, uplifting energy to what can be a demanding yet rewarding field. You aspire to continue your education within the field and to help educate clients so as to empower them to provide the best possible care for their furry family members.

What You’ll Do:

  • Directly assist and support the Doctors
  • Be liaison for clients, doctors, pharmacies, specialty hospitals, crematories, in-house lab work technicians and services, etc.
  • Be the primary director of client’s and patient’s experience each time they visit our facility
  • Daily nursing/technician tasks (including but not limited to): running diagnostic tests, medication administration, estimate management and presentation, triage and history collection, managing patient records and reminders, client education, intake and discharge of hospitalized patients, general care and maintenance of patients and enclosures, maintain hospital cleanliness, zoonotic disease management, vaccination education and administration, phlebotomy and I.V. catheter placement, radiography
  • Handle all patients with kindness and respect for their experience, utilizing fear free and feline friendly approaches
  • Engage in interpersonal skills and conflict management with coworkers and clients
  • Be responsible for continuing your education in the field by participating in CE, utilizing the many resources available within VetMed to cultivate your skills, knowledge and experience


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Veterinarian Technician/Assistant Certification and/or 2 years Relative Experience
  • Strong work ethic and integrity
  • Ongoing drive for learning new skills/medical knowledge
  • Intense compassion for patients, clients and coworkers
  • Passion for patient quality of care and client experience
  • Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Strong drive to educate clients about preventative care and their pets wellbeing 
  • Willingness and ability to follow OSHA/safety protocols and adhere to COVID-19 protective procedures
  • A mission to grow and develop client relations and experience through positive, thorough communication, consistent and timely follow up calls and care, and commitment to their pet’s life-long care
  • A sensitivity and appreciation for the life long care of our patients, honoring their life experience as they age through excellent hospice care and bedside manner as our puppies and kittens grow into seniors
  • A healthy respect and approach to functioning within the COVID-19 pandemic, following all CDC guidelines both on and off the clock


  • Employee discounts
  • PTO
  • Scrub Allowances
  • CE Allowances
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