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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have been diligently monitoring the latest recommendations of North Carolina authorities and the American Veterinary Medical Association to best protect our staff and the general public while still serving our patients. As we continue curbside services, we appreciate your patience with the check-in and check-out procedures.

Here is what you can expect when you come to the Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital for your pet’s needs:

  1. Upon arriving at the parking lot, call into the receptionist: 704-847-4796. (You may be placed on a brief hold as we may be with other clients or patients.)
    1. If you are picking up medications, dropping off a sample or picking up food, a receptionist will continue to serve you over the phone, collect payment, and bring your items to your car for you. 
    2. If you have an appointment, you may be redirected or placed on a brief hold. A veterinary nurse will discuss your pet’s history and any concerns you have as well as review an estimate for their visit. These estimates are based on anticipated services and may change once we discuss your pet or a doctor examines your pet.
  2. Your veterinary nurse will come to your car and gather your pet and bring him/her into the hospital. Please have a secure leash or a secure carrier for your pet so as to reduce the risk of your pet being put in danger on Monroe Rd.
    1. If you will not be remaining in the parking lot during your pet’s visit, please inform the nurse. Give a reliable cell phone number for the doctor to directly reach you immediately upon completion of your pet’s visit and answer the following question with your nurse before leaving: In the unlikely event your pet may have life-threatening complications during their stay, do you want Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital of Charlotte to take all measures to help revive him/her?
    2. We have to have this information for any animal that will be left on the premises without a family member so that our staff can act swiftly if needed with your permission. 
  3. In the hospital, your pet will be with their nurse and support staff gathering needed samples,    running approved and diagnostics and preparing your pet to see the doctor. Sometimes they will even snap a picture. Let us know if you are comfortable with sharing your pet’s photo on our website and social media sites. 
  4. The doctor will proceed with their examination and any assist with remaining tests or diagnostics.
  5. The doctor will call you in the parking lot and go over all findings, answer any questions, and develop a care plan with you for your pet.
  6. You will be transferred on the phone to the receptionist and they will review charges, schedule any future appointments needed, clarify any prevention requests and collect payment over the phone.
  7. Your veterinary nurse or assistant will bring your pet, their medications, written instructions or information, and/or preventions out to you in the parking lot.
    1. If you opted to drop your pet off during their appointment, call us as soon as you return to the parking lot and we will proceed as described above.
  8. Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience and have a wonderful day!

Things you can do to help your pet’s appointment run smoothly:

  1. Be on time, even a little early, for the appointment. While we are confident that our current procedures will help us reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission for clients and staff, these procedures take a little more time. Being on time allows us to spend your pet’s full allotted appointment time with them. 
  2. Make sure you bring your phone, have it charged and have it on. This is THE communication tool we will be using throughout the whole process.
  3. Bring any medical records for your pet if they have been seen at a different hospital since your last visit. You can also email these records to us prior to your appointment at Emailing these records ahead of time can reduce your wait time.
  4. Bring patience. Again, this process is a little more intricate than the days of old. Please know that our staff is working hard to make sure that your pet is being seen promptly, thoroughly, and with the same amount of care and compassion as we have always provided.
  5. Have your pet on a secure leash or in a secure carrier. Monroe Road traffic is not forgiving and we want your pets to be as safe as possible throughout their entire visit. 
  6. Do not leave the parking lot without informing us.
  7. Make sure we have an updated cell phone number in our records.
  8. Consider scheduling your pet as a “drop off” first thing in the morning. 
    1. Similar to the described, you go through the check-in, history gathering, and estimate presentation portion with the nurse over the phone. We ask that all scheduled drop-offs be scheduled for between 7:30 – 8:30 am. They will be seen throughout the day amongst the scheduled appointments and the doctor will call you after completion of the examination and approved diagnostic tests. 
    2. Pick up times are generally between 5 – 5:30 pm. 
  9. If your pet has surgery or dental scheduled, schedule a nurse appointment a few days prior to complete all pre-surgical tests.

Something to consider: If you are an established client and are interested in utilizing telemedicine for non-emergent cases, read about Medici here.

COVID-19 Resources:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

American Veterinary Medical Association & COVID-19

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

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