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Anya Lopina

Office Manager

Anya has been in the veterinary field for over 10 years. She and Dr. Johnson have worked together on and off since pre-CCVH days. During the early CCVH days, Anya served as a veterinary nurse. After taking an extended maternity leave, she returned to work with Dr. Johnson again in nursing and Office Management. Anya has a range of experience in the animal and human services fields including Horse Barn Management, Pet Care Service Provider, Groomer, Youth Care Worker, After School Care Teacher, Assisted Living Care Provider, Administrative Assistant. She attended Gaston College briefly for Veterinary Medical Technology, CPCC for several undergraduate core courses and ultimately graduated from Trinity Western University with a BA in Social Science and a certificate in Human Services.

While she has a range of job skills and experiences, Anya finds herself drawn into veterinary medicine because for her, it has been the best balance of promoting animal health and behavior while also promoting human health and wellbeing. She believes that each contributes to the other. She also believes in learning throughout life and finds that this field provides a natural opportunity for this growth. She participates in regular seminars, short courses, and other continuing education courses for animal health, practice management, human resources, and overall wellbeing.

Anya enjoys camping, hiking, and adventuring with her family (husband and three sons); wandering with her large coonhounds (Elam, Bohannon); snuggling with her smaller dogs (Robie, Charlie) and cat (Russkiy); training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, paddle boarding, gardening and just being outdoor and active in general. She also enjoys baking yummy treats.

Fun facts: in a former life (pre-kids), she was a wildland firefighter, pine cone picker, camp baker, coffee barista, pie shop baker, worked in an orphanage in Peru, bottle-fed a baby bangle tiger, and lived in British Columbia, Canada for 5 years.

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